Specialized Programs

We see no limit to what should be offered to the child, for his will be an immense field of chosen activity.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Creative Movement

It is our belief that the development of the body is as important as the development of the mind. In order to build an efficient, well-functioning body/mind, great emphasis is put on participation in structured and creative activities. The curriculum is a comprehensive program of movement and physical education, which focuses on enhancing gross motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, flexibility and agility.  Our Kindergarten students learn the challenging skill of roller skating, which is highlighted at a special performance for families and friends.

Foreign Language

This program is a conversational introduction to the Italian language and culture.  Through music, dance and hands-on activities, students begin to apply the Italian language to their every day life.  Lessons include numbers, letters, greetings, family traditions and much more.  This program is part of the Kindergarten and Full Day preschool curriculum.


This program teaches basic art principles, approriate age/stage instruction and utilizes multimedia materials to foster creativity while exposing children to Art Masters such as Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso.


Our Montessori music program encourages all our students to dance and sing, promoting rhythm, pitch and language development. Playing percussion instruments develops fine motor skills as well as a sense of rhythm and playing together within a group. Many styles of music are experienced and explored as the children learn the relationship of music and story.  Performances throughout the school year add to the performing arts experience.  As part of the Kindergarten music curriculum, students will learn to care for, play and perform with a ukulele!


Literacy is a core component of the Montessori education our students receive. The Library sits at the heart of our school and is visited weekly by all of our students. During that time, students are able to borrow books to read at home as well as choose from a variety of research materials to enhance their reading and writing projects in the classroom.