What the Kids Have to Say!

I love Montessori because the teachers are nice and funny, we have ducks and friends in our class, a cool gym, good pizza and I learned A LOT of stuff!

-Jack R (age 4)

I like everyone at school but especially I love making lots of things that Mommy and Daddy hang all over our house. My house is my art gallery.

-Lily (almost 3)

I love my teacher because she shows me things… like shells.

-Vivienne (age 3)

I like watching the chicks and ducks. I really like looking inside the plastic person and learning about the inside parts.
I love Honey Buns. I love making tasty things and cracking eggs– I’m really good at it!

-Liam (age 5)

There are beautiful things to take out and stars.

-Greyson (age 2 1/2)

Montessori is a good school and a good place to be. There are teachers there that I like.

-Brianna (5 years old)

I love my Montessori school because a lot of kids go there and they have play- doh.

-Tiziana (age 4)

I love Creative Arts. I don’t know if you know this, Mom, but Ms. Annie is a rock star.

-Sean (age 4)

I love playing with my friends and going to gym every day. I am getting so strong!

–¬†Harrison (age 5)