Board of Trustees

As a legal entity, the Board of Trustees is responsible for perpetuating the trust of the school and overseeing its welfare.  The Board’s primary responsibilities are to employ the Head of the School and to supervise, support, and assess the Head’s performance.  The Board also establishes the school’s mission, philosophy, and educational ends, while developing a strategic plan derived from that mission.

The Board formulates broad policy and assures continuity of the founding vision and core values of the school.  The Board is accountable for the well-being of the school, providing the expertise and vision to ensure the advancement of the school’s mission for future generations.

Board E-mail:

  • Stephanie Alwais, President
  • Suja Gurunathan, Vice President
  • Dan Green, Treasurer
  • Rob Lamberson, Recording Secretary
  • Melissa LaCarruba, Chair,Institutional Advancement
  • Erin Orcel, Class Parent Organization
  • Thomas Pryor, Buildings & Grounds
  • Andrea Said, Member
  • Kyra Kenwood-Zeidner, Member
  • Luisiana Grullon, Member
  • Jennifer Fuggini, Head of School